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See how it all adds up at CM Regent.

CM Regent knows how important it is to provide our school partners with peace of mind, and one way we do that is to include services that add value at no cost to you. See how these services and our expert claims management add up:

  • Building & Contents Appraisal: CM Regent will appraise your building and contents to ensure you are properly covered for loss and damage. This complimentary appraisal means you avoid being charged up to $20,000 by an outside appraiser.
  • Elevator* & Boiler Inspections: CM Regent knows how important it is to keep your elevators and boilers safe and operating at top efficiency. These inspections are covered as part of CM Regent’s Risk Control Services, saving you thousands of dollars annually.
  • Separate Excess Towers: At CM Regent, we know one size doesn’t fit all. Our clients enjoy the flexibility of separate excess limits for general liability, auto, employer’s liability, and school leader’s liability.
  • Emergency Response Services : When an emergency arises, CM Regent is here for you. We provide clients complimentary and complete access to services that help you decrease claims and reduce costs.

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*Currently available only for PA customers.

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