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Property and Liability

CM Regent Insurance Company® investigates, evaluates, and resolves claims involving damage to real and personal property (buildings and contents), damage to school-owned vehicles, and general liability claims. This program provides the broadest scope of protections currently available to public schools. Our school insurance program includes many built-in features that other programs offer as ‘extra cost’ options.

  • Comprehensive coverages designed solely for schools
  • Experienced claims staff (average experience is 15 years)
  • Civil Rights and employment litigation experience
  • Personalized training on emerging issues
  • Established case law to provide protection and guidance for schools
  • Legal bill review processing
  • Available to help assist in the litigation process assistance
  • Political subdivision tort claims act expertise

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Who We Are

CMRegent Insurance Company

A leading commercial property and liability insurance company dedicated to serving educational institutions.

CM Regent Solutions

Proudly providing employee benefit products and third-party claims administrative services.

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