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Owner Controlled Insurance

A practical alternative for school construction projects (Available only in Pennsylvania)

Experience the advantages and benefits of an Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) that the private sector has enjoyed for many years. Sometimes referred to as “Wrap-up” insurance, OCIP has become popular for public entity use.

What is an OCIP? OCIPs are an alternative school insurance purchasing strategy that consolidates various insurance coverages for contractors engaged in a building or renovation project. Lines of coverage provided by an OCIP are:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • General liability
  • Excess liability
  • Builder’s risk (optional)

The owner, which in this case is the school entity, procures these coverages on behalf of all parties working at the job site, rather than having each firm separately procure its own insurance for the project in question.

Why choose an OCIP?
  • Having one insurance policy eliminates “finger pointing” on covered claims and virtually eliminates claims litigation and project delays.
  • Reduced overall construction cost
  • Improved insurance coverage (broader protection/higher limits)
  • Additional safety and loss control services provided through the program
  • Insurance protection for 10 years after construction
Additional administrative services provided by an OCIP
  • Contractor pre-bid meetings
  • Contractor preconstruction meetings
  • Contractor enrollment
  • Monthly payroll reports
  • Insurance policy issuance
  • Insurance cost analysis of contract bids
  • A minimum of $10 million in value for new or renovation construction projects (single or multiple projects)

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